In early January 2017, I hit the road running with a massive list of things to accomplish. Now that January 2018 is just around the corner, I decided it is time to sit and reflect.

This reflection process allowed me to identify failures, learn from these failures, adapting and finally identify some rad achievements. Here is an info-graphic of some of my top achievements in 2017.

InfoGraphic - Aspiration reflections for 2017.png

Even though I might not have achieved all of the things I would have liked to in 2017,  this process enabled me to Evolve nonetheless. Replicate strategies that work, Integrate the unexpected, and Reshuffle information are some of the Life’s Principles I strongly resonated with, during this reflection process.

I am proud of the failures as these enabled me to learn new things. In nature we have to Evolve to Survive, and setting yearly aspirations enables me to do just this – Evolve to Survive.

I am excited for my next learning journey and to evolve even further in 2018.

“Nature does not care that you are comfortable, only that you evolve” Harville Hendrix



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