Over the last 3 months I have once again been immersed in my studies and the module I had the pleasure of covering was focussed on Biomimicry and Business. I gained a selection of new skills and experience through the projects I worked on during this hectic time. Business model canvas assessment tool, Open innovation, Ecosystem maturity analysis, B-Impact score assessment, PESTLE analysis, Micro economics analysis, Macro economics analysis, are only a few tools I now carry in my toolbelt of knowledge.

These tools together with the application of Biomimicry Life’s Principles, enabled me to analyse real businesses and provide valuable insights I would not have been able to gain through using normal business analysis and innovation tool sets. Some of these insights led me to change some of my current approaches of doing business, even though the time period to truly assess my adaptions is very limited, I can already see small increments of positive changes taking place.

I absolutely love working in the Software industry and it gives me great pleasure to work with amazingly talented people and to develop quality software products. My love for biomimicry has made me a better project manager because I value conditions that are conducive to life in my daily work-life. I want my team to work at a sustainable pace, I want my products to be functional and useful, and I don’t want to waste any material or energy. Biomimicry allows me to discover different ways to practice sustainable business, from Nature.

Key learnings I can share with my fellow Biomimics: Businesses need to start focussing on things such as business model innovation, value creation and open business models – if they don’t keep up they will soon fall behind. Below are 2 cool sites to check out and a writeup of what Biomimicry and Business as a module entailed.


Cool sites to check out:




Biomimicry and Business Module:

Biomimicry and Business course challenges students to question conventional ways of conducting business and come up with new approaches based on nature’s strategies. We encourage students to go beyond product design and to step into business design. Throughout 12-weeks of online learning, we cover contextual factors that shape business and call for a radical transformation. We revisit core business functions and hot topics in the leaders’ agenda, such as Open Innovation, intellectual property rights and business model innovation, with nature’s overarching design guidelines (“Life’s Principles”). The content pulls students into a conceptual realm for applying biomimicry – a realm for breakthrough innovations. Skills for communicating biomimicry compellingly to business audiences, majority of whom are not yet informed about the discipline, is woven into the learning experience.


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