I recently chopped up the concrete driveway in front of my house, and replaced it with Permeable Pavement. OK OK…I got a team of people to chop up all the concrete, but my reasoning for this massive exercise, was to create Eco-friendly parking and obviously more green space. #myLittleGarden #climateChange

“Urbanization and Climate Change are two major phenomena that are transforming natural hydrological processes in catchments and boost flood frequency. Urban growth contributes to increase runoff volume and decrease time to peak, which involves the rapid discharge of precipitation via conveyance systems that disregard soil moisture replenishment and groundwater recharge. The effects of Climate Change are likely to alter the intensity of rainfall events and result in variations in peak discharge and runoff volume that might exceed the capacity of conventional drainage practices like sewer systems. Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) are an alternative to traditional approaches that can reduce the impact of these phenomena by helping to restore the natural water cycle and ensuring that cities become more resilient to floods produced by variations in climate.” (Water 2016, 8(10), 451; doi:10.3390/w8100451)

Permeable pavement helps restore the natural water cycle. The water which would have run off, now goes into the earth, feeding the natural waterways, and filters the water as it makes its way through stones and soil.

Plants grow which helps cool down the area, through evaporation and transpiration.

It is visually beautiful and the plants will make the place look pretty and inviting. =)

One of Life’s Principles we aim for in Biomimicry, is to create designs that are multi-functional. Why should something only have one use/function/purpose? Biomimicry designs, aspire to create conditions that are conducive to life.

Multi-functional designs are advantageous, and some key benefits are; less products are manufactured, less energy used, less waste, less materials used, cost savings, less impact….et cetera, et cetera. Bees make use of multi-functional design in the way they build their hives. The shapes are very strong and it is made from very light material. Bees truly have one of the best ratio of material, shape and form – super multi-functional.


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Jato-Espino, D.; Sillanpää, N.; Charlesworth, S.M.; Andrés-Doménech, I. Coupling GIS with Stormwater Modelling for the Location Prioritization and Hydrological Simulation of Permeable Pavements in Urban Catchments. Water 20168, 451.