In my social circles, I am often faced with the question “WTF is biomimicry?!?”

Back in the day….tun tun tun…when I didn’t know WTF biomimicry was, I attended an Intro to biomimicry workshop.

So fellow biomimics….Good news!!!

Biomimicry South Africa (Claire Janisch) is hosting Biomimicry101 workshops in Gauteng, Cape Town and KZN. If you want to start a learning journey in the biomimicry sphere, then you need to check out this workshop.

To my mates in Gauteng, Gama will be presenting at the Gauteng workshop, and he is one of the few Certified Biomimicry Professionals on the continent of Africa. Gama is a wonderful inspiration to the Biomimicry community in South Africa, so I am sure you will enjoy these workshops.

Below…more details about the workshop – feel free to share the info.



  • Cape Town, Saturday 3rd March 8.30am-4.30pm and Sunday 4th March 9am-1pm OR
  • Gauteng, Saturday 11th March 8.30am-4.30pm and Sunday 12th March 9am-1pm, OR
  • KZN Midlands, Saturday 11th March 8.30am-5.30pm and Sunday 12th March 9am-1pm

What will the workshop include?

  • An introduction to biomimicry – the what and why of biomimicry
  • The core elements of biomimicry – emulate, ethos, (re)connect
  • The different levels of biomimicry – form, process and system
  • Case studies illustrating how biomimicry could transform our world
  • The basic tools and skills of biomimicry thinking and practice
  • Exercises and activities to practice some core components of the biomimicry methodology
  •  An overview of local projects illustrating biomimicry in practice
  • An opportunity to work on mini design challenge relevant to your field of work


Apply by sending an email to by 17 February 2016



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