Human Nature Connection is the name of the module I am focussing on for the next few weeks #excited. “Human-Nature Connection (HNC) engages participants in an exploration of the meaning and value of connecting with nature. Topics include defining humans, nature, and our connection with nature; establishing the evolutionary, personal, and socio-cultural influences on the different expressions of this connection; and illustrating the relevance of biomimicry to the human-nature connection.”

Over the holidays, I decided to paint a wall in my house with chalkboard paint to create more drawing space for myself. I am a visual thinker so I need LOTS of space to draw/plan/visualize things, which brew up in my mind. #visualThinker #happyPlace

One of my aspirations for this year is to go outside more often, and I am soooooo stoked to complete the Human Nature Connection module (with all the time zone challenges it might face), because I will have to find my own definition of nature, in nature. #goOutside

In the Biomimicry a.k.a. “learning” sphere of my aspirations, I want to focus on this blog and share my learning journey in the field of Biomimicry. I also want to create a super cool Biomimicry product, of which I am seeking out a material specialist or product/material designer of sorts (water capture and storage solution inspired by bromeliads AND plastic lego maker from used water bottles). This might lead into entering the global design challenge or at least assisting other teams who want to enter.

I am very excited to try and achieve all my aspirations for 2017 and to learn, love and contribute during this journey.

Happy 2017 and may you be inspired by nature!

#biomimicryCapeTown #climateChange