Over the last 7 weeks I have been working on a Genius of Biome Report with 4 other people situated all over the world. The biome we decided to focus on is known as the Amazon.

A Genius of Biome report is an in-depth study of a specific biome and its challenges, operating conditions, and the strategies used by local flora and fauna to surmount said challenges and operating conditions. In this report, operating conditions refer to the biotic (caused by living organisms–predation/herbivory, cooperation, competition, etc.) and abiotic (not caused by living organisms–weather patterns, geography, geological activity, etc.) pressures which impact the lives of organisms within the biome.

Our GoP study focuses on the Amazon Rainforest, and we began by performing ecosystem-level research and identifying the challenges and operating conditions that affect the majority of organisms in the biome. We then directed our research to the flora and fauna of the Amazon to find “champion adapters” that thrive when faced with the challenges and operating conditions that we identified. From our champions’ strategies, we abstracted general principles that can be used to inform human design.

Throughout our research into this biome and its inhabitants, we found that many of the challenges and strategies could be related back to natural disasters (such as flooding, fire, and drought). To this end, we have largely tailored our design principles and application ideas to remote disaster relief scenarios. As the global climate continues to change, instances of unpredictable and extreme weather will likely also rise, leading to more people affected by fire, floods, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. In light of this, it is more important than ever to consider place-specific challenges and solutions when designing disaster relief systems and products.

Here is a link to the actual report. Amazon GoB Report

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