A colleague and I had a conversation this week, during which he said that he still really didn’t GET Biomimicry and what I am studying.

We have a beautiful view of the harbour from our offices, filled with boats and ships. I told him to look at the one boat that was in view, and asked him “If I told you to build me a boat, how would you go about doing it?”

He said that he would probably go to youtube and read up about it, and learn how other people have done it.

My point exactly!

We build things the way we currently know how to. Now doing things the same way you always do it is not necessarily the best way. As humans we think we are very clever, and yes we have done amazing things, but there are organisms around us that have even more clever ways of doing things.

Biomimicry allows me to discover and learn those clever ways of doing things, from these organisms (biologize), and translate it into human speak. I am basically a translator between organism strategies and human design problems.

The biomimicry methodology ensures that the final solution, product or process, will be sustainable and conducive to life. The aim is to decrease our negative impact on our environments, and innovate through inspiration from nature.

If I had to build a boat, I would understand the context in which it needs to exist, then I would convert the functions of the boat into biology (biologize), so that I could easily do research. I would try and find organisms that have mastered those functions, in a similar context to the boat. Once that is done I would understand the current system regulations my solution should adhere to. I would then make use of a Biomimicry tool called Life’s Principles, and set aspirational goals (this ensures my solution meets sustainable measures).

Voila! I will have a boat that is built in a way that is conducive to life and does the same as your standard boat. I might create interesting technology, improved use of materials and resources, multi functional product, and additional income or business streams through this design process – as well as a boat.

I am excited about the future! I am so excited about what Biomimicry can do that I am missing out on a boat trip (the featured image is from a person on the boat). ❤



build a boat biologize.jpg