Oh no… not this big debate again LOL.

I am currently thinking of forming a team, but the team link is broken on biomimicry.org to get more specifics about this. The design is due by 30 April 2017, so I think I am going to focus on some research for now and kick off a team in early January 2017.

404 errors follow me everywhere lol





So what exactly is climate change?

Well according to NASA …

“…temperature change itself isn’t the most severe effect of changing climate. Changes to precipitation patterns and sea level are likely to have much greater human impact than the higher temperatures alone. For this reason, scientific research on climate change encompasses far more than surface temperature change. So “global climate change” is the more scientifically accurate term.



“YOU CAN FEAR CLIMATE CHANGE OR YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT” http://challenge.biomimicry.org/ #biomimicry


Here is more info about the prizes:

“All category winners will be awarded cash prizes. Open category winners will also be invited to participate in our Biomimicry Accelerator and compete for the $100,00 Ray of Hope prize.”